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East End Fitness is a family owned and operated fitness facility based right in the heart of Center Moriches. With our state-of-the-art equipment and convenient location, there’s no better place to get fit on the east end.


East End Fitness offers a wide variety of classes that will bring your workout experience to the next level.

Food For Fuel

Don’t forget to stop at our smoothie bar and enjoy a delicious and nutritious pre-or-post workout treat.

Family Owned & Operated. Not Your Average Gym.


Learn More About Wheatgrass

Learn more about Wheatgrass and the amazing benefits that it has for your health and nutrition! HEALTH BENEFITS: – Gears body towards maximum strength and optimal health – Increases stamina – Cleanses the system – Improve fertility – Ease physical and mental ailments that come as a side effect as malnutrition – Improves Circulation – […]

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How Regular Exercise Can Help Protect from COVID-19

Did you know that regular exercise can help prevent COVID-19? Yes, you heard that right. Exercise helps boost your immune system and fight off infections, including COVID-19. Those diagnosed with COVID-19 have a high chance of developing ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome).  Recently there was a study done by a researcher, Zhen Yan, at the […]

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