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Get Fit Stay Local

East End Fitness is a family owned and operated fitness facility based right in the heart of Center Moriches. With our state-of-the-art equipment and convenient location, there’s no better place to get fit on the east end.


East End Fitness offers a wide variety of classes that will bring your workout experience to the next level.

Food For Fuel

Don’t forget to stop at our smoothie bar and enjoy a delicious and nutritious pre-or-post workout treat.


The Benefits of Yoga

For all our fitness class fans, Yoga holds countless benefits! Yoga allows your body to become more flexible, it can increase your muscle strength and tone, lower blood pressure, and has countless other benefits as well.  Performing yoga routines on a consistent basis will make you a healthier individual overall.  East End Fitness, located in […]

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Stretching: An Important Aspect of Life

Many of us do not understand the importance of stretching and not nearly enough of us do it regularly.  Stretching daily can benefit your overall health and level of fitness in many ways.  Every person can benefit from regular stretching. While some believe that only certain athletes need to stretch – this isn’t true! All […]

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