Learn More About Wheatgrass

Learn more about Wheatgrass and the amazing benefits that it has for your health and nutrition!

– Gears body towards maximum strength and optimal health
– Increases stamina
– Cleanses the system
– Can help improve fertility
– Ease physical and mental ailments that come as a side effect
as malnutrition
– Improves Circulation
– Blood detoxifier
– Neutralizes elements of pollution in water, air, food, and low
level radiation

– Deep leafy green, one of the primary sources of food for
– Harvested and used at one week old, this stage of life is the
most effective and complete.
– Wheat is planted in a healthy soil full of calcium, iron,
potassium, magnesium, and traces of zinc and selenium.

– Contains all of the nutrients that are needed to sustain life.
– All eight amino acids
– Chlorophyll which is condensed sun energy and the most
effective healer and protectors of the body known to
– Vitamins C, A, K