Here at East End Fitness, we offer classes based on member’s needs and consistent attendance. If you enjoy one of our classes be sure to attend regularly and we’ll know to keep it around!

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Short and sweet, core and upper body mat work.


Tone and tighten your tummy with this core focused workout.


A body toning/strength training class using light weights and intervals.


Get your interval strength on! A get it moving kind of class.


Fusion of body sculpting and total body toning, having you both on the bike and on the floor.


A total body workout using core conditioning combinations, bodyweight, resistance and cardio spikes.

Strong by Zumba

Get a groove in this specially designed HIIT workout.


Simple step combinations with fun easy-to-follow drills!

Quick Abs

A 25 minute abdominal blasting class.


Strengthen your mind with breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. Try restorative yoga for slow, deep stretching to relax and refocus the mind.

TRX Circuit Training

Suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.


Get your groove on in this specially designed HIIT workout.


This cycling workout consists of climbs, intervals and sprints. Followed by interval running completed either on treadmills or outside. Weather permitting for outdoor performance.


This cycling workout consists of climbs, intervals and sprints.

Bring the Booty

An intense booty workout working your glutes, quads and hamstrings all in 45 minutes!

Alive After Five!

Combo of cardio and strength training using both training toys and body weight. Come and sweat!

Do It For The Dupa

An intense core body workout using body weight that emphasizes glutes, hamstrings, and core. Squats, lunges, ab work, and building sets bring you to the next phase of your booty fitness.