Here at East End Fitness, we offer classes based on member’s needs and consistent attendance. If you enjoy one of our classes be sure to attend regularly and we’ll know to keep it around!

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Morning Rumble

Come relieve stress and get your morning started with this full body boxing workout while hitting the bag and the pads! The breakfast of Warriors. Please bring wraps and gloves!

Triple Team

Improve alignment, balance, coordination, and stability based on hand-eye, core strength, and range of motion in this isometric, plyometric, plank-til-you-drop drills-and-skills clinic. You will need a mat for this one.


Lower body workout that incorporates HIIT intervals in between sets. Get your sweat on and work your whole body while building that booty!

Power Building

Build explosive power, speed, agility, and raw strength in this wild, progressive sweat fest. Equipment provided.


A 25 minute abdominal blasting class.


This cycling workout consists of climbs, intervals and sprints.

Build & Burn

Fusion of body sculpting and total body toning, having you both on the bike & on the floor.

Cycle Fusion

This cycling workout consists of climbs, intervals and sprints. Followed by interval running completed either of treadmills or outside. Weather permitting for outdoor performance.