Zumba Class: What You Need to Know

What is Zumba? If you’re interested in taking a fun and energetic class where you dance with a group of people – Zumba is right for you. If you are the type of person that sees working out as a chore and has a tough time getting to the gym, Zumba acts as a fun way to get great exercise and won’t feel like a chore at all!  In Zumba class, the music is fast, upbeat, and allows you to get into the zone and burn tons of calories while you’re at it!

If you prefer working out in group setting, then this might be your perfect match! Zumba class is filled with people just like you, who look for an enjoyable workout experience.  We support each other to get through each workout and create a warm welcoming environment for newcomers.  So, bring your friends, family and anyone else who loves to dance and get fit!

Benefits of Zumba

Calorie and Fat Burning

Zumba is known for its high intensity aerobic activity that includes interval training in the process.  On average, a person will burn up to 600-1000 calories in one class.  The class is designed with interval training in mind, with the intensity matching in pace with the music and type of movements.  The goal of the instructor is to allow the members of the class to maximize their fat-burning by the end of the class.  Fitness moves are also incorporated into the choreography, such as squat and push-up variations.

Full Body Workout

Zumba touches on nearly every muscle in the body from your head to your toes.  Zumba is both a fitness and dance class that provides an abundance of heart-healthy benefits.  Even if you are new and just learning the steps of a new dance, you’ll still find yourself feeling the after effects of a Zumba class. You know what they say – no pain no gain!  No matter what your specific exercise goals are, Zumba class can help you achieve your dream body.

Mental Benefits

Zumba class is great if you’re feeling stressed from the craziness of everyday life.  The upbeat movements allow you to release endorphins (a brain chemical that improves mood).  A Zumba class will allow you to forget about the external stressors in your life as you melt into the music and dance your heart out!  Also, Zumba allows you to be social and meet new people.  With every Zumba class you attend, there is a feeling of community within the people who are there.  Feel free to bring friends who wish to get healthier and indulge yourself in the welcoming environment that is Zumba!

If you are interested in taking Zumba and are in the Long Island area, East End Fitness is the perfect place to give it a try! Come in for a visit or contact us today to learn more!