Setting Goals for The New Year

It may be March, but the year is still new.  If you have dreams and aspirations for this new year, then make them happen!  East End Fitness in Center Moriches can help you make those dreams come true.  If you want to get the ideal body, we have all the resources to allow you to reach your goals.  If you are located on Long Island and are looking for a great gym with a personal touch, East End Fitness is here to help.  Come sign up today or contact us if you’re interested!


Setting goals for yourself is great way to achieve something you want to reach in your life.  But creating goals that align with what you are truly able to achieve is important to consider as well.  Have you heard of SMART Goals?






Setting your goals with this acronym in mind can help you better achieve the goal you wish to reach.  Knowing what you specifically want to achieve (i.e. lose 10 pounds in two months) is more helpful than ‘just wanting to lose weight’.  Creating a goal for yourself that is realistic and attainable is important as well (i.e. “I want to lose 15 pounds in one week”).  Not only is this very difficult and unrealistic for most people, if you set your goals too high for yourself, there is a good chance you will not reach that goal and then become discouraged.  You want to be able to set a goal that you know you will be able to achieve if you put the right amount of work into to reach that goal in a timely manner.

Getting in shape isn’t easy! It can take time and will not always happen so quickly.  It is important to remain confident in yourself and not discouraged as it’s not an overnight process.  Each person is different and can experience change at different rates, so don’t always compare yourself to the progress of others!  Most importantly, have fun and remain positive through the process, and be sure to set SMART goals for yourself along the way!  If you are seeking for a gym on Long Island, then come by East End Fitness for a quality workout experience!