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Getting into the gym can be overwhelming and our group fitness classes are here to give you a helping hand! With our talented Group Fitness Instructors at the helm, they will guide you through all different kinds of workouts that best fit YOU. Don't miss the chance to get into class with us - go ahead and check out all our amazing instructors AND classes that we have available every day.

Meet Our Instructors


You’ve got to get into a class with Marty! He’s got over 35 years’ experience and is a professional cyclist, cycling coach, Spin instructor, personal trainer and group class leader. His goal is to help all his clients and students maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit throughout their lifetime. Staying fit into your 60’s, 70’s and beyond is critical to maintain a high quality of life and he can help you do that!


Laura Hartman is one of our awesome instructors that is ready to get you motivated when you step into her classes. Get into her classes throughout the week and you’ll be one step closer to reaching all your fitness goals!


Meet Matt! His passion for fitness has been an almost ten-year journey, beginning at age 15. While he understands exercise can re-shape our physical bodies, his focus is on the profound ways it can shape the way you think! Get into a class with Matt if you want someone who can create a “cornerstone habit” and promote a healthier and more abundant life.