How to start working out?

When you take your first step into a gym, we know it can be overwhelming. The possibilities seem endless – free weights, countless machines and a bunch of classes – but where do you begin? This question, of course, depends on YOU and your goals but we’re here to help make that decision process just a little bit easier.

The real way to start working out should begin before you even set foot inside the gym. First, you need to be mentally prepared to start the journey!

What is your motivation?

Do you want to shed a few pounds? Do you want to strengthen your muscles? Or do you want a fun way to keep your mind and body feeling good? Whichever you choose, you need to have a set focus on what goals you want to accomplish before you begin exercising. Starting the process without having achievements to chase after can often result in losing focus and motivation, so it’s important you start off with the right mindset.

Once you are focused and ready don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s important that you start somewhere that you are comfortable so that you don’t feel discouraged after your first few times hitting the gym! Classes are often a great place to start when you first begin your health journey! Not only are there plenty of different options for you to choose from but you have other gym members and an instructor right there by your side, ready to help you work on you. Having an instructor can be extremely helpful in keeping you motivated and making sure that you are using the right techniques. It’s always important that you know how to workout so that you don’t get hurt while trying to improve yourself!

Another great way to begin your journey is utilizing a personal trainer. For example, if you want to start weight training, it’s imperative that you use the right techniques. A personal trainer will be able to guide you in the right direction so that you are being safe. The other benefit to having a personal trainer is having someone by your side to keep you motivated and push you out of your comfort zone a little! There is nothing better than pushing yourself to really see those results.
While your first step into the gym can be overwhelming, at East End Fitness, we have the resources that you need to get started on the right path and we’ll help make sure you stay focused on your journey!

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