How Regular Exercise Can Help Protect from COVID-19

Did you know that regular exercise can help prevent COVID-19? Yes, you heard that right. Exercise helps boost your immune system and fight off infections, including COVID-19. Those diagnosed with COVID-19 have a high chance of developing ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome).  Recently there was a study done by a researcher, Zhen Yan, at the University of Virginia, School of Medicine and he found that EcSOD (extracellular superoxide disumatase) is a huge factor in reducing the severity of ARDS and the chances of developing it.

Yan found that endurance exercises including, but not limited to, running, biking, jump roping, etc., are more helpful than some may think! Our bodies naturally produce EcSOD, but while performing endurance exercises the production of EcSOD is enhanced. This antioxidant travels through the blood and into the heart, lungs, and kidneys to help prevent disease and protect our tissues.

Yan ran two experiments to test his research: they took a genetically engineered mouse’s blood serum and injected it into a normal mouse, and in the other experiment, they fused two mice, one who produced an abundance of EcSOD and a normal mouse and injected the normal mouse with a toxin that will cause ARDS. They found that in both experiments the mice were completely protected from ARDS. Although the toxin injected to the mouse was not COVID-19, Yan is confident that EcSOD is very beneficial in the process of recovering from COVID-19, reducing the severity of COVID-19 and preventing it as a whole.

Yan is still researching how to get more EcSOD into humans. He believes there are two ways to do this: develop a medication and extracting it from one person’s blood into another person. The best way to start producing an abundance of EcSOD and keeping yourself safe healthy is to participate in regularly exercising. If you need a reason to workout, this is it!

To read more from the initial article this information was gathered from, give it a read here: The Roanoke Times