A Message to Our Members

To all our East End Fitness members,

We are so thankful to all our members for being our consistent supporters and being committed to East End Fitness.

In regards to face coverings, patrons are only allowed into the facility if they are wearing an acceptable face covering. Face coverings must be worn at all times except when eating, drinking or showering. Buffs, gaiters and bandanas are NOT acceptable face coverings. Individuals who are unable to medically tolerate a face covering must wear a face shield.

Flyer for Please Wear your Face Covering Properly. Cover your nose and mouth. Put it over your mouth and nose and secure it under your chin. Ensure the mask fits snugly against the side of your face. Make sure you can breathe easily. Wearing your face covering properly protects others, thank you.


We appreciate all our members who have stuck with us and want to make sure they understand that their comfort levels and schedule is the highest priority for us.

Thank you all so much!